Welcome to Azorlive

A site made by an Azorean for all  friends of the Azores.

Basically a photography website, but never the less a diffrent one, since I'll post activities, shows, performances, sights, views and all that I can put my camera on for us all to see and know about it.

So, take a tour, feel free to wonder around the pages, visit the galleries, portfolio, upcoming events and a lot more useful and interesting things you might find out about in here, and in the end, why not leave me a message?

Looking forward to it.

Azorean Greetings to all.


 Buzy bee!



13/02/2010 21:56
 How funny is that!


A smile for All

06/02/2010 00:47
 Today...was a good day... A Big Smile for all!      


Azorlive lives!

02/02/2010 00:15
So this is it! Finally I've made it! After more or less 12 hours in front this screen my site has born! Took some hard work...but that the way things happen! So for now it's ok, still have some tune ups to do...but it will get better in time! Hope all of you like the pictures!   Azorean...



Surf and BodyBoard

19/02/2010 17:49
 Since we live in an Island, this is one of the best options to enjoy this fact. Check the photos at the Portfolio.  


Urban Sports

02/02/2010 00:16
Find out in the Portfolio what I've seen some kids doing at the "Teatro Micaelense" square. Didn't had an idea this sport had evolved in the Island.  


Azorlive Lives!

02/02/2010 00:15
My new website has been launched today! And I'm very proud of it! So since I'm a newbie in this area I'll need all the help I can get. So if you know about some interesting stuff coming up on Ponta Delgada, mail me! Tell me about it, I'll do my best to make a post for us all to share!  


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